Monday, 20 February 2017

SCL University Ambassadors

SCL: SCL University Ambassadors:

"Free student access to the entire content of this site: This includes our considerable archive of news items, articles, blogs, event podcasts, CPD and more.

Students can also gain free access the ePub version of the C&L Magazine – this is published 6 times a year exclusively for SCL members. 

 Students are also able to attend all SCL events at concessionary rates. We have an exciting range of seminars, meetings and conferences covering all the key IT Law topics with prestigious speakers and the opportunity to meet potential future employers and thought-leaders in the IT Law sector." 'via Blog this'

SCL Student Essay Prize 2017

SCL: SCL Student Essay Prize 2017: "A maximum of 2,500 words of text (and a minimum of 1,500), plus up to 500 words for citations (but not any further descriptive or explanatory material, so no padding your essay with footnotes).

 Full competition rules are available appear at the bottom of this page.

 The closing date for entries is 17.00 hours on Friday 12th May 2017. 

We look forward to receiving your entry!" 'via Blog this'

TALK: ‘The evolution of multi-stakeholder governance: the ICANN community’s experience in the IANA stewardship transition process’

Queen Mary, University of London, Friday 24 February, starting at 1700. 
(address: 67 - 69 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3JB)
Synopsis: This discussion will be illustrated by Jean-Jacques sharing his thoughts and experience on the recent process of transitioning the oversight of the so-called ‘IANA functions’, operated by ICANN, from the US Government to the global multi-stakeholder community. 
This global process, which concluded on 30 September 2016, involved hundreds of participants from across a range of stakeholder groups. Discussions touched on some of the larger questions in Internet Governance today, from the acceptance and legitimacy of the multi-stakeholder model, to accountability and good governance, the intersection of local and international laws and norms, and more.

The meeting is open to all, but for numbers/planning purposes please send email to if you are interested in attending.

Search engines and creative industries sign anti-piracy agreement - Press releases - GOV.UK

Search engines and creative industries sign anti-piracy agreement - Press releases - GOV.UK: "Representatives from the creative industries, leading UK search engines, and the IPO developed a Voluntary Code of Practice dedicated to the removal of links to infringing content from the first page of search results.

 The Code agreed on 9 February 2017 will come into force immediately, and sets targets for reducing the visibility of infringing content in search results by 1 June 2017.

 Minister of State Jo Johnson MP will oversee the implementation of this Code of Practice, and the IPO will work with all parties to evaluate progress." 'via Blog this'

WhatsApp sued by German watchdog group over privacy - CNET

WhatsApp sued by German watchdog group over privacy - CNET: "In September, the Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information ordered Facebook to stop collecting and storing WhatsApp data from Germany's 35 million users. In December, the European Commission sent a statement of objections to Facebook alleging the world's largest social network gave "incorrect or misleading information" about the possibility of linking users' accounts during a 2014 review of its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp.

 Now the Federation of German Consumer Organizations (Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband, or VZBV) is asking the Berlin county court for an injunction to stop the data sharing, and to force Facebook to delete any data WhatsApp has given it. The VZBV accused the companies of abusing users' trust." 'via Blog this'

Saturday, 18 February 2017

International Reactions to U.S. Cybersecurity Policy: The BRICS undersea cable

International Reactions to U.S. Cybersecurity Policy: The BRICS undersea cable - The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies: "BRICS nations have made significant progress in the institutionalization of their discussions surrounding Internet governance. However, no tangible agreements have emerged from these meetings. The BRICS nations agree that an Internet code of conduct must be developed, but they cannot agree upon what this code should include.

In fact, these meetings have recently produced more intra-bloc disconnect than political harmonization. At the 2015 BRICS summit in Ufa, Russia, India announced its “Indian Vision for the Internet.” India announced its desire to move from state-led Internet governance to a more multi-stakeholder perspective. India’s stance angered Russia, who traditionally views India as a political ally both within the BRICS bloc and outside it.

 Therefore, although the BRICS are united in their desire for alternatives to a United States-led global order, they are fundamentally divided upon how to complete this task." 'via Blog this'

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A battle rages for the future of the Web | Ars Technica UK

A battle rages for the future of the Web | Ars Technica UK: ""DRM is a dangerous feature to standardise and have enabled across everyone's browser because it essentially enforces a black box of code to be installed on your browser which cannot be audited or looked at or even talked about by security researchers," Harry Halpin, a W3C employee who publicly threatened to quit in protest over the proposed EME standard, and left the organisation at the end of 2016, tells Ars.

Joi Ito, director of MIT's Media Lab, agrees. "By allowing DRM to be included in the standard we 'break' the architecture of the Internet by allowing companies to create places to store data and run code on your computer that do you not have access to,” he explains to Ars. "We will be left with a broken and fragile architecture, as well as browsers whose internal are off-limits to security researchers, who face brutal punishment for trying to determine whether your gateway to the Internet is secure enough to rely on."" 'via Blog this'